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Voice Broadcasting Service:

Tnt PBX puts forward a Voice broadcasting solution through which you will be able to handle the customers with a personalized touch. With this powerful feature, you can share a pre-recorded message including updates, alerts, or information. Besides, you can also enjoy the one-stop automated outbound call solutions. The Telcolinellc can be a genuine and trusted partner in providing you with unmatched and unparalleled Voice Broadcasting service. Once you set it up with a hosted PBX provided by us, you will easily handle customer’s calls with optimum ease.

Here are some easy steps you have to walk through to setting up theVoice Broadcasting with Telcolinellc:

  • 1 You should simply upload a CSV file to Import your customer contacts.
  • 2 Hereafter, you have to manage DNC lists in which you need to upload the list of contacts. Make sure, you have uploaded only those contacts you don’t want to call.
  • 3 Furthermore, you should compose a personalized message using email, company, etc. However, you can also make it more relevant with the help of Telcolinellc text to speech features.
  • 4 Here, you can easily route the incoming calls to any of your customer care executives. Besides, you will also get a detailed reportto measure the performance.

As a result, you will be able to set up Voice Broadcasting without having to face any kind of problems.

Have A Glance At Some Lavish Voice Broadcasting Features:

Text To Speech Features feature:

It provides a facility of delivering several male and female voices along with multiple native accents including Australia, USA, and UK.


It helps in enhancing the customers’ call pickup rate and the productivity of your business will also start growing.

A/B Tests:

Consider running A/B tests to get to know about the promotional offers that are engaging your customers. Moreover, you can also attract clients by setting up different voices along with native accents.

Call Analytics And Reporting:

You can check out and keep an eye on the performance of your voice broadcast with Telcolinellc. Here, you will also be able to access all the call details without having to face any hassle.

Call Recording

With this facility, you can record your broadcast calls so that you can deliver quality services without any obstacles.

Why To Choose Telcolinellc Voice Broadcasting Solutions?

  • Customizable according your requirements and helps you to enjoy a personalized experience.
  • Certified professionals are active 24x7x365 even on weekends.
  • HD voice broadcasting solution along with a secure cloud telephony platform.
  • Zero set up as well as maintenance cost without any hidden charges.
  • You have to pay for only what you are going to avail of from the Telcolinellc.

Furthermore, if you have any queries regarding Voice Broadcasting Service, you should contact us right now. Here, you will come to know everything about such an effective feature and enjoy customer handling with ease.