What Does Telcolinellc Provide To The Users? 

Telcolinellc is one of the best business solutions providing feasible PBX services to the users. It helps in taking you to the next height and provides the finest communication platform for telephony.

How Do I Approach The Telcolinellc To Install The Extension?

You can go to the contact us page where you can find out a way to get in touch with the sales department. Here, they will provide you a link in your email through which you will can download and install the extension.

What Is The Role Of The Firewall To Make VoIP Work?

You should configure the Firewall settings correctly if you are looking forward to making VoIP works without any hassle. on the other hand, you also need to approach the ISP to allow VoIP network on your network.

What You Must Have To Start Using The PBX Services?

To leverage the PBX services in a trouble-free manner, you must have a strong internet connection. In case of any hassle with your connection, you might not able to take its full advantages. 

What Do You Understand By VoIP?

Voice over IP (in short VoIP) provides a hassle-free mode of communication accessing through an Internet connection. To provide the standard services to cater to your business needs, we use SIP based VoIP protocol.

What Are the Pros of Using VoIP services of Telcolinellc?

  • One-stop QOS (Quality of Service) solution.
  • Ease of configuration along with real-time redundancy.
  • Multiple backupsto fulfill your enterprise’s needs.
  • Zero call drops with reliability of services.
  • Attractive add-ons and extension to improve your business image.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your PBX Service Started?  

If you have applied for the activation of PBX services, you might have to wait for a minimum of 2 to 3 hours.Besides, if you have any kind of problems regarding the same, you should get in touch with our customer care representative.

What Are Different Modes To Use VoIP Services?

You can make use of following modes to leverage VoIP services in a hassle-free manner. Here’s how you can make VoIP PBX calls: 

  • IP Phone
  • Via Computer to Computer
  • Via ATA

How Do You Get Rid Of Login Problems From The Root?

You can contact the experts at anytime to handle your login problems permanently from the root. Here, they will provide you with the optimum remedy to fix it out within the least time frame.

How Do You Recovery If You Have Forgotten Or Lost Your Password? 

Don’t worry if you have forgotten or lost your account password! All you need do to get in touch with Telcolinellc team as quickly as possible. Here, they will suggest you some measures and instructions to get your password back.

How Can You Keep An Eye On Your System, Agents And Others?

To do the same, you have to make proper utilization of Call monitoring system. It will allows you to real-time monitoring of agents and look after each call without any hassle.

Is There Availability Of Call Queue Feature That You Can Leverage?

Of course, Call queue feature is available that you can take benefits of. All you have to do is to activate it if you are looking to use it at its best. Further, if you have any problems regarding the same, contact the customer care executives right now.  

What Are The Modes Of Accepting Payments?

There are several modes available at our end through which we accept payment from the clients. It includes credit/debit card that must be Master Card or VISA card, PayPal, and American Express. On the other hand, the customers can also make payments through their debit cards if international transaction is enabled.

What Do You Understand By Due-Date And Billing Date?

Don’t worry if you are not aware of Due-date and billing date! Due date indicates the last date till you will have to pay your billing amount. If you don’t pay till the due date you might have to pay some extra charges. On the other hand, billing date refers to the date for the billing cycle as per your purchases. 

What Are The Charges You Have To Pay For Each Payment?

Of course, you heard it right: simply means- you have to pay 3% as a payment processing fee. It applies on each and every transaction you make on your Telcolinellc account.