The Telcolinellc comes up with a complete solution and a number of exceptional features and functions. Such an efficient communication system assists in streamlining your business communications in a productive manner. Our system puts forwards several specialized things for enhancing the quality of communication.

What you have to do is to take a quick glance at the following list of features below. In this way, you will come to realize why setting up a hosted Telcolinellc communication system is beneficial. Also, you will be able to take your business to the next level with the help of such a great system.

Here Is A List Of The Following Beneficial Features That You Must Be Aware Of:

Call Return:

In your day-to-day life, you may miss several important calls and lose business opportunities. With the help of Call Return feature of PBX system, you will get a chance to return the missed calls. Furthermore, you can also keep an eye on missed calls even if you were not on the desk. Luckily, it ensures the users to scale up your business profitability by returning the business calls you missed. 

Take A Glance At Some Significant Features Of Call Return:

  • Increase business opportunities to avoid missed calls.
  • You will come to know who called when you were not available.
  • It helps in making customers feel very important and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Moreover, you can also set up a record in which you can maintain all the missed calls.
  • Flawless management of calls helps you to scale up the business productivity.
  • And many more to come…

Call Waiting:

In your hosted PBX communication system, you should first activate your Call Waiting feature to leverage it at its best. The main and significant objective of such an efficient feature is to improve better connectivity among the clients and employees. If you somehow make the customers feel happy, you are indirectly increasing the productivity of the organization. It allows you to respond even if you are on any other call by putting a current call on wait.

Check Out The Salient Features Of Call Waiting PBX: 

  • It enables you to switch between the calls without disconnecting it.
  • Moreover, it also allows you to join the calls for conferencing with optimum ease.
  • You can also response to other calls even when a call is going on.
  • Furthermore, with Call waiting PBX feature, you can disconnect any or all the callsat any time.

Call Hunting:

Call Huntingis one of the features that can provide you with some special abilities of answering almost each incoming call. The simple mechanism of such a powerful feature is that it will ring your mobile phone separately on five phones. If you are not able to pick up the call, another phone will start ringing and it goes on with five other phones. It allows you to consider setting up five different phones on the alert mode.         

Have A Glance At Some Of Its Special Features And Functions:

  • It enables you to take the complete charge of each and every inbound call easily.
  • You can also make proper utilization of a single number to make it associated with the hunt groups.
  • Moreover, you can also customize the settings according to your needs and requirements and you can have your own satisfaction.
  • And the list of other features is endless…

Call Parking:

Cark Parking is one of the finest features of the PBX system that allows the customers to get in touch with the favorite attendant. Once you make a call regarding the solution to your queries, you can contact the representative first. Here, they will put your call on hold and then approach your desired person to respond. To leverage it at its best even in a hassle-free manner, you should access a hosted PBX system from us.

Here are Some Features:

  • Allows your company’s workers to come in action at anytime from anywhere.
  • Some additional features include IVR, Advanced ACD, and many more.
  • Have a candid discussion with the favorite troubleshooting professionals.
  • Provide you with the friendly experience with positive impact on your business.
  • Get a feasible solution, right from the comfort of your home, even in a couple of seconds.
  • And many more…

Call Recording:

Telcolinellc offers a quality and effective Call recording services to scale up the business growth and productivity. It comes up with numerous options to fulfill your needs and requirements with optimum ease. What about the storage of your call recordings? Don’t worry at all as Telcolinellc maintains a secured environment where you can save your recordings. However, you can also download or delete the call recording at any time.  On the other hand, a hosted PBX system also provides cloud-based platform that you can integrate save the call recordings. By default, you can access these recording for30 days and them it will get deleted automatically.  Furthermore, you can also get in touch with the professionals if you have any issue with the default settings. 

Some of the options that you must be aware of:

  • Extension to Extension calls
  • External Incoming calls or Outgoing calls
  • Conference calls

Call Blocking:

Call blocking is one of the most effective features that Telcolinellc provides to avoid the harmful treats. It allows you to block the incoming calls that are eating on your precious time only. Once you block someone, you can have multiple options to set for the callers to hear. The company understands how important your business is and hence, provides a one-stop to prevent you from unnecessary incoming calls. Our Hosted PBX designed this feature in such a way to help in avoiding any negative influence on your business. 

Different Options That You Can Use While Blocking the Caller on a Hosted PBX

  • Play busy tone and set it up to keep running.
  • Navigate the incoming call on our PBX system to voicemail.
  • A message that continuously speaks - the number you have dialed does not exist.
  • You can also set up a tone to keep ringing till the caller cuts it down.

Unlimited Calling:

No matter whether you are looking forward to calling nationally or internationally, you can enjoy an unlimited calling feature without any kind of restriction. Luckily, you can make or receive calls from any corner of the world without any hassle.

Benefits That You Can Leverage Through Unlimited Calling Feature:

  • You can have toll free numbers with unlimited call forwarding.
  • Unlimited incoming as well as outgoing calls with HD voice quality.
  • Unlimited faxes with no set up fees.
  • Instant activation along with enhanced security

Call Forwarding:

One of the most used features that a hosted PBX system provides is Call Forwarding. It allows the users to route or forward the call to another number. Once you set it up, it helps you to handleunavoidable circumstances in which the number is unable to take the incoming calls. Luckily, this system also enables you to add more flexibility by customizing the different number for Call forwarding.  

Following Are The Suitable Options That Telcolinellc Provides Through Our Forwarding Solutions:

  • All Calls
  • On Busy
  • No Answer
  • From Select Callers
  • Busy Line

Find Me Or Follow Me:

It is one of the finest features of Hosted PBX systems that comes up with a facility of chasing or finding you wherever you are outside of the office premises. Follow me and find me features of a Hosted PBX system helps in maintaining all time touch with your business. It provides an integrated communication medium to opens several mobile business opportunities.

  • Helps in effectively manage your mobile business without any kind of hassle.
  • Moreover, it also assists in unleashing all constraints that are available in office, even on your physical presence.
  • Further, it enables the users to access business conversations irrespective of time and geographical constraints.
  • Luckily, it delivers 24x7 round the clock services by scaling up your availability even on public holidays and weekends.
  • Prevents the loss and helps in increasing the business opportunities.
  • It provides great capabilities with your mobile devicesso that you can have a trouble-free experience of a hosted PBX system.

Call Pickup

As there are numerous exceptional features of a hosted PBX communication system, Call Pickup is one of them. It helps in answering each and every call of your clients even when the numbers of workforce is limited. No matter whether it is a holiday season or a renovation is going on in the office, you can deal with your customer’s queries with optimum ease. 

Hence, it would not be wrong to state that it comes up with many benefits and ensures the maximum calls are answered. Fortunately, a minimum number of manpower is required and provides a complete solution to fulfill your needs. So, what are you waiting for when you have an opportunity to set up a hosted PBX communication system?

Take A Quick Glance At The Benefits Of Call Picking Feature:

  • It is completely customizable feature to manage it according to your needs.
  • With a group call picking feature, you can also divert the call from one extension to another.
  • Believe it or not, it works amazingly in such a situation when you have staff shortage in your office.
  • From security point of views, only a permitted or authenticated user can enable or disable it.

Call Screen and Announce:

You can leverage the Call Screening and Announce feature by setting up a hosted PBX system for your business. It allows you to get to know about all incoming calls along with the detailed information of the caller.  With the help of such a great feature, you can easily improvise the customer handing procedure without any hassle.

Here Are Some Common Benefits Of Call Screen And Announce That You Leverage:

  • You will be allows to prioritize some of your important business calls according to your requirements.
  • You can also navigate the promotional calls to the voicemail if you don’t want to answer them.
  • Besides, if you don’t want to call any particular number, just block the numbers.
  • If the calls comings to you are from the other department, you can easily them to its suitable departments.
  • It call screening features allows you to identify your business as well as personal calls.

Click to Call

Click to call is feature that comes up with three separate steps to provide you with an opportunity to convert your raw leads into genuine clients. You can answer the calls of your clients as instantly as possible and also give 100% satisfaction by providing them a feasible response. 

Be Informed About Some Exceptional Features Of Click To Call:

  • You will be able to make proper utilization of the scalable Service using click to call feature.
  • Also, you can change locations easily without having to face any kind of hassle.
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime along with a reliability factor that also comes on the same place.
  • It requires No or Zero maintenance without even using any hardware at your business premise
  • You can port your phone number while keeping your existing numbers.
  • Unlimited Calling and Faxing at anytime from anywhere without any interruption.
  • And the list of such lavish feature is endless…

Call Transfer:

You can leverage Call transfer feature by using a hosted Telcolinellc communication system for your business. It allows you to help the users by handling their problems and queries with optimum ease. No matter whether the call you receive is related to your department or any other, you can transfer it to the right destination. Doing so enhances the experience of the users and will also help them reach out to where they are looking to go.  

Be Acquainted With Some Common Benefits Of Call Waiting:

  • You will be able to receive an instant update for attendant by transferring the calls.
  • You can easily keep the ongoing call on hold and answer the call that is already on wait.
  • You will also be able to switch between the calls without any kind of hassle.
  • Luckily, there is also a facility to join the calls for making a conference.
  • Moreover, you will also get a chance to disconnect any or all the call without any obstacles.

E911 Emergency Calling:

To cater to the needs and requirements of phone users, a Hosted PBX communication system takes place. Once you get such a great system for your business, you will be able to enjoy the long list of lavish features and exceptional functions. Among them, the Emergency Calling feature is one of the most important features. E911 (Enhanced 911) avoids the hassle of availing of additional services and also helps the users save from expenses. A hosted PBX system’s state-of-the-art facilities allow you to      track the softphone’s location. After the location detection, it dispatches the help workforces to get in touch with the caller as quickly as possible.

Check Out Some Lavish Features Of E911 Emergency Calling:

  • Accurate location detection within the least time frame.
  • Dispatches the workforce to assist the caller at its earlier.
  • And many more…

AC-CID Feature:

AC-CID is another great feature of hosted PBX system. With the assistance of such a great feature, you can easily improve your pickups. It comes up with a facility to answer the calls of only those clients who are from your locations. Once you avail the PBX system, you will get multiple benefits to fulfill your business requirements without any kind of obstacles.

Have A Swift Glance At The Following Instructions: 

  • Helping in handling customer’s query without any kind of hassle.
  • Reponses time of the call pick is quite high.
  • Enhances the business opportunity and thus, increase the productivity.
  • And many more…

Besides, if you have any issue or confusion with any of the hosted Telcolinellc features, you should contact our professionals. Here, they will provide you with the one-stop solution to handle your problems within the least time frame.