Privacy Policy

Welcome to Privacy Policy Section:-

The customers who are going to be associated with the Telcolinellc Company must ensure the privacy policy. In this section, they will come to know how we collect information, how do we use such sensitive, and many more. The very first step of each customer is to read out the rules and regulations of the website. In case you find out any issue or hassle regarding the same, stop accessing the website right now. 

What Type Of Information We Collect From The Customers?

We collect some of the following information from the customers who visit our Website.

Here is what you have to take a look and keep in mind: 

  • First name and last Name
  • Job title along with the company name
  • Phone number as well as email ad
  • Permanent and current address.

Other Information That We Collect to Enhance the User’s Experience:

Take a glimpse:

  • Billing details along with payment information.
  • Communication channels such as Emails and Phone to make connections if any issue takes place.
  • Device information such as identifier, hardware model, configuration information, and operating system.
  • Date/time stamp, clickstream data, browser details and other log information.
  • The Internet Protocol (IP), voice broadcast, and many more communication logs.

Why Do We Collect Information From The Customers?

The simple and straightforward reason behind collecting information from the customers is to personalize user experience. We aim at improving the company’s productivity as well as improvise the collaboration with the customers. We keep an eye on the activities you perform on the website and thus, we deliver the recommendations and search results. What you do is to combine your activities and the information we collect from you to provide a one-stop solution.

Get To Know About Your Privacy Rights In A Proper Manner

  • You can view or delete your own information at any time. All you have to do is to ask for access directly from Telcolinellc.
  • As per the applicable privacy laws, you can also make a request to restrict the processing of your personal information.
  • You can get in touch with us if you have any queries or you are not comfortable. We are always available at your disposal to handle your problems and hurdles with optimum ease.
  • Moreover, you also have the rights to withdraw your consent that you have earlier given, at any time.

Security and Safety Point of View: 

We are committed to delivering the utmost level of the safety to safeguard your personal data we fetch from our website. Also, we add organizational security shield along with standard administrative to provide the best security. We leave no stone unturned in protecting your information and prevent from hacking, and unauthorized access.

How Do I Get My Queries Clear Off?

If you have any confusion or query regarding the company’s privacy policy, you should immediately contact the experts. Here, they available team members will provide you with the one-stop solution without wasting your time. Furthermore, they will also assist you in making you understand each and every policy of the company. Even if you have some doubt on the company, you should cancel your subscription right now.