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ACD (Advanced Automatic Call Distribution) PBX

No matter whether you are a small-sized or large enterprise business, you may come across numerous incoming calls. However, it causes the decrease in the number of clients and you may lose your business leads. By enabling Advanced Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) from Telcolinellc system, the users will be able to managewith their clients with optimum ease.

The Advanced ACD PBX system comes up with a virtual receptionist that answers the call to greet the clients. However, it also comes up with customizable pre-recorded menu and brings it in front of the caller.

  • You can easily consider going to next choice.
  • You can also return to the previous choice and dial an extension.
  • Luckily, you will be able to repeat choices and then get back to the previous menu.
  • Call operator as a digital receptionist
  • And many more…

Do Not Disturb:

With a hosted PBX communication system, Do Not Disturb can be used as the finest feature to prevent the business by avoiding heavy incoming calls. It will assist in disabling the incoming calls and evades the disturbance and blockage in the business productivity. With the help of this feature, you can limit the incoming calls to reach the extension. Thus, the users will be able to increase in their productivity by concentrating on the other tasks. It helps in eliminating the telephonic disturbances by directing a few genuine calls to your extensions.

Enable Do Not Disturb Feature To Have A Better Experience:

It would not be wrong to state that enabling Do Not Disturb service of a hosted PBX system is pretty simple. To leverage it at its best, you as a user have to enable it on your softphone and it starts blocking the incoming calls once it is enabled. Moreover, you can select and customize settings of this feature according to your needs and requirements. Besides, if any issue takes place regarding the same, you should contact the customer care executives. Here, they will suggest you the right solution, right from the comfort of your home

Music On Hold

You might degrade the importance of the customers by keeping their calls on hold as no one wants to be on hold and in general, it is not a good practice. Besides, there are several reasons including heavy call flow, discussion with a supervisor, and many why an attendant puts the calls on hold. It somehow embraces a negative impact on the business you own. To handle it with care, a hosted PBX communication system brings Music On Holdfeature.

With the help of such kind of feature, you will be able to save your business and can entertain the customers even if they are on hold. You can set a business tone as per your desire and this tone will be played when you put your customer’s call on hold. Why don’t you save your business from losing genuine clients by using the Music on Hold feature? It is designed in such way to annihilate the negatives of a customer who is on hold.

  • You will not lose your clients due to such problems.
  • You can have the chance to promote your business and services while paying promotional offers.
  • The chances of selling of products will become high due to music on hold feature.
  • And many more…

Dial By Name:

To make an easy connection between your business and the employees, Virtual PBX system helps a lot. You will be able to make calls to employees of your business with the help of ‘Dial by Name’ and ‘Dial by Extension’ feature. Luckily, it is complete customizable and allows you to get in touch with the employees as instantly as possible without any interruption.

  1. Dial by Name

You can make use of it to make a call by determine the name of the employees. It will simply detect the first name of desired one and makes call quickly.

  1. Dial by Extension

With the help such an advanced feature, you can connect to the employee by dialing their extensions.

Call Queue Management:

Gone are the days with several incoming calls were not be entertained with the traditional PBX system. At that time, you can allow one to stay in pressing state and can put only one call in the waiting queue. What would be the situation when heavy call flow takes place? Isn’t it hectic? Here, Telcolinellc comes at rescue and play an essential role in handling such kind of situation.